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Saturday 5 December 2020

Pixamotion Loop photo animator and photo video maker

  • Video Maker, Static Photos on Motion Editor and Live Motion Wallpaper Lapter Maker.

  Create live photos, live apers wrappers, moving backgrounds and themes with animation effects using Pixa Motion Photo Animator.

  Create amazing short videos easily with Pixamotion Video Maker.

  The Pixamotion app is a "motion on image editor" that lets you create stunning live photos in motion on the go.

Pixa Motion is a powerful application for creating visual images that stand out from the crowd.

Bring your photos to life with animated effects using "Pixa Motion Photo 
Editor and Animator"

  Pixamotion brings your photos to life, by applying a fantastic animation effect and refreshing filters to pictures.

  "Moving Pictures" with motion steels and natural moves in your pictures also popularly known as cinematographs.

  Animated images with natural motion and static part in the image create a new form of visual storytelling.

  Create cinematographs, create loop videos using hidden images, and share your creative visual stories on social media.

  The use of animation effects and amazing filters turns your still images into the most creative pieces of art.

  Create cool moving backgrounds and live wallpapers and personalize your home screen.

Pixamotion photo editor app

  • After installing the Pixa motion app, open it.
  • And now in this, we allow all the permition and click on the next button.
  • And in the last, let us click on the start button.
  • By which we get direct to our gallary.
  • But we do not want to use gallery photos, so some options are given in the bottom side, in which different types of images are given. Such as album, recent, strok, projects are given.
  • You can create an image by applying the motion effect using the option that is in our gallery in the album option.
  • In the recent option, the recently added photo appears in our gallery, which we can select and enter the effect.
  • Further images are also given under Strok, by which different types of animation, motion can be applied by selecting.
  • And in the project option, we see a pre-animated image in which we can see how the pixa motion app has edited the image by doing it.

How to Use Pixamotion  app

  • Now the selected photo has animated, effect, freeze, audio option.
  • In which, through animated oprion, we put animation in the picture.
  • As soon as we select the animation option, we see some option on it like- zoom, motion, geometry, pin, eraser
    First of all, we make a motion.
  • And let’s zoom the image so that the motion effect is applied well.
  • And if we want the entire image to not move, then select the pin option for it.
  • And if we want, we can remove the effect we have added.
  • Under Freeze option we have some option like – zoom, mask, unmask, out of which if we have made some mistake in the selected image, we can remove it by unmasking it.
  • Different types of effects are given under the Effect option, whose use can make the image of the image even better.
  • Under the audio option there are add music and sound on option.
  • From which one can add a song to the image through add music.
  • And turn the volume off or on with the sound on option.
  • In this way, by applying all kinds of effects, let’s play it through the play button.
  • Let’s clicke on the icon of save and share ootion in the top side.

Which gives us some options.

In which in export type, if we want to make a video of the image, then click on the video or if you want to make a GIF, then click on the GIF.

And let’s click on the export option. Which makes the created video export.

  Set cinematographs, live backgrounds or live themes, you choose as your screen and wallpapers.

  You can set your dynamic themes and wallpapers as screensavers and wallpapers.

  Stunning animations create interactive and incredible backgrounds.

  Pixamotion Video Maker is a complete application for creating short videos using static images.

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