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Friday 29 July 2022

Ozone Holes: Scientists are discover 7 times larger ozone hole over the Tropics

Ozone Holes: Scientists are  discover 7 times larger ozone hole over the Tropics 

Ozone Hole 2022: The scientists at the Canada's Waterloo University have been  discovered a large ozone hole in the lower stratosphere, which is a  seven times to larger than the one over Antarctica. The new ozone hole was a  discovered over the tropics and has been reportedly been there for over a  30 years.

The large ozone hole in the lower stratosphere over the tropics is the comparable in  a depth to that of the Antarctic hole but it is  a roughly seven times  are larger in  a area.

The discovery was made by the Qing-Bin Lu, a scientist from the University of the  Waterloo in a Ontario, Canada. The study was published in the journal AIP  are Advances.

What is an ozone layer?

The Ozone layer is a gas layer in the Earth's  are stratosphere that envelops are  the planet and the  protects it from the Sun's harmful to the ultraviolet rays. The layer contains a high concentration of the  ozone (O3) in a  relation to the  other parts of the atmosphere.

Where is ozone layer?

The ozone layer is a generally found in the lower portion of the stratosphere, about a  15-35 kilometers (9 to 22 mi) above a  Earth. Its thickness varies seasonally and the geographically. The ozone layer absorbs a 97 to 99 percent of the Sun's medium-frequency ultraviolet light, which could be otherwise potentially damage exposed life a  forms near the surface.

What is ozone hole?

The ozone hole is an a area where with  the exceptionally depleted levels of the gas. The ozone hole also  are refers to  the thinning of the protective ozone layer. The loss of the gas in an a ozone hole is 25 per cent more than the undisturbed atmosphere.

Where is ozone hole?

So far, scientists were  the warning of an ozone hole that forms above  the Antarctica every September. The 2021 Antarctic ozone hole had been  reached its maximum area on a October 7 and it is ranked as the 13th largest since a 1979.

The new ozone hole discovery is a  above the tropics, the area between the tropic of the  Cancer and the tropic of  the Capricorn.

What causes ozone holes

Human activities are the main cause of  the depletion of the ozone gas through uses of the  gases like a chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These chemicals are  escape into the atmosphere through refrigerants, propellant devices, spray cans and the other such things and  the release chlorine after coming into the  contact with the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, which ultimately break down  on ozone molecules in the upper the atmosphere.

Why is ozone hole harmful?

The formation of the ozone hole is a cause of  a great global concern, as the depletion of the ozone layer can be lead to increased ground-level  in UV radiation. The increased radiation can be  increase risk of  the skin cancer and  the cataracts in humans.

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Thursday 28 July 2022

Dudh Sagar Waterfall

Dudh Sagar Waterfall is one of the most noteworthy water falls in India, and among the hundred most elevated waterfalls on the planet. It lies in the southern piece of Goa at Mollem, towards the fringe with Karnataka state. Dudh Sagar, actually implies a Sea of Milk in the nearby Konkanni dialect, and gets its name as it seems like a flooding ocean of milk. It has an aggregate stature of 306 meters and a width of 30 meters.

The heavenly Dudhsagar Waterfall is roosted in the high crests of the Western Ghats and is an incredible sight particularly in the storms when it is in full and enraged stream. From a separation, the waterfall seems like floods of milk hurrying down the mountainside. The exhuberent and breathtaking waterfall is situated in the Sanguem taluka.

Measuring a strong 600m from head to foot, this waterfall on the Goa-Karnataka outskirt, pulls in a constant flow of guests from the coast into the rough Western Ghats. Subsequent to pouring over the Deccan level, the headwaters of the Mandovi River frame a frothing deluge that parts into three streams to course down a close vertical bluff face into a dark green pool.

The Konkani name for the falls, which truly interpreted signifies “ocean of milk”, gets from billows of smooth froth which ascends at the base of the falls. Dudhsagar is set in the midst of stunning landscape neglecting a lofty, bow molded leader of a valley covered with immaculate tropical timberland, that is just available by walking or via train.

Like most places in Goa, the Dudhsagar waterfall too has a legend appended to its name. The legend recounts the narrative of this capable and affluent lord who led a kingdom in the Western Ghats. His rich and lavish castle in the slopes was encompassed by tremendous greenery enclosures which were loaded with deers and gazelles.

The King had an excellent little girl, who used to appreciate cleaning up amid the hot summers, in the pleasant lake close to the woods on the edge of the King’s castle grounds. It was her propensity to complete her shower and have a jugful of sugared milk in a container made of immaculate gold.

One day when she was completing her typical container of milk she ended up being viewed by a good looking ruler remaining amongst the trees. Embarassed by her lacking washing clothing, the clever Princess poured the sugared milk before her to shape an ad libbed window ornament to shroud her body, while one of the servants hurried to cover her with a dress.

Subsequently was the legend conceived. The sugared milk (dudh) poured down the mountainside and kept on streaming in downpours as a tribute to the everlasting righteousness and humility of the Princess of the Ghats. The Dudh Sagar (Sea of Milk) keeps on streaming right up ’til the present time and pulls in a large number of guests to a standout amongst the most well known and popular vacationer spots in the condition of Goa.

The next time your kid gets are stung by an irate bee or a swarm of the mosquitoes, look no further than your kitchen for the relief. Tsippora Shainhouse, M.D., a pediatric dermatologist in a Beverly Hills, shares all-natural secrets for the  relieving itching, stinging, and a swelling—fast.


Why It Helps: It constricts are  the blood vessels, minimizing the spread of the histamine, which triggers the allergic a reaction.

What to Do: Apply an a ice pack or a bag of a frozen peas for the about a 15 minutes every few hours, as a needed.

Green Tea

Why It Helps: Green tea has been  anti-inflammatory properties that will be help the bite shrink faster.

What to Do: Store steeped green-tea bags a in a baggie in your fridge so they are already cooled when you need a them; apply a directly to the bite.


Why It Helps: The acidity neutralizes venom from the bees (and jellyfish), calming the stinging a feeling.

What to Do: Dilute white or a apple cider vinegar with the same amount of the  water, and apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball.

Basil Leaves

Why It Helps: Basil is a packed with the menthol and a camphor compounds, which create a cooling sensation that helps are eliminate the itch.

What to Do: Crush basil leaves into a paste and a apply it directly to the bite. Cover with a bandage.

Lemon Balm

Why It Helps: This herb, also known as Melissa, is a natural antihistamine that helps are  relieve itching.

What to Do: As with basil above, you should crush the leaves and a apply the paste directly to the bug bite, then cover with a bandage. Got a lot of the  bites? Fill a bath bag with the lemon balm leaves and tie it to your tub's faucet, then let the warm water run through the bag as  the tub fills. Hop in to the  soothe the all-over itch.


Why It Helps: The proteins in  the milk calm inflammation and reduce redness and the swelling.

What to Do: Dab it into the affected area with a cotton ball.

દૂધ સાગર વોટરફોલનો વિડીયો નિહાળવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Tea Tree Oil

Why It Helps: The chemicals are in this oil disinfect by the killing bacteria and a fungus, and they are also help bring down swelling. It's also thought to the  help prevent mosquito bites by the acting as a natural bug a repellent.

What to Do: Apply a small amount in directly to the bite area. It can be drying for the skin, so you can be also choose to dilute it with a carrier oil, such as a coconut oil, before applying.

Lavender Oil

Why It Helps: Lavender oil has been anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can be also serve as a mosquito repellent.

What to Do: Dilute with a carrier oil, such as a coconut or olive oil, before applying a directly to the bite area. As a repellent, sprinkle a few undiluted drops on your bedsheets to the  keep the mosquitoes away  the while you snooze.

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Saturday 23 July 2022

Hacker Group Anonymous a Decided to the Bring Do Kwon to the Court

Hacker Group Anonymous a Decided to the 

Bring Do Kwon to the Court

Anonymous, a group of the hackers, has targeted Terra’s founder Do Kwon. Anonymous says that the only Kwon is a responsible for the  scamming billions of the dollars from retail investors. The group uploaded a video to its YouTube page asking for the Kwon to be a  brought a under the ambit of the law as a soon as possible. Many allegations have been a made by the against Kwon in this video. It states that they allegedly withdrew billions of a dollars from the firm before the Terra ecosystem collapsed.

The video states that he was a also involved in the failed a stablecoin project Basis Cash. by the anonymous Told That Kwon’s intentions were a wrong from the start and that his crimes should be exposed as a soon as possible. The hackers  a group reported that Kwon was a never held accountable for the Stablecoin Basis Cash failure because he built the project with a false identity ‘Rick Sanchez’. Anonymous said, “If Kwon does not listen, nothing can be done to the  make up for the damage done on his part. The community can be only hold him responsible at this stage and make it  sure he gets him as a soon as possible.” be brought a under the ambit of the law.”

Kwon is being a investigated by the South Korean regulators. Kwon recently said in an a interview with the Wall Street Journal that he was shocked by the collapse of the Terra UST project. After the steep fall in the stablecoin Terra UST, there has been a demand to the make regulations for regarding to the crypto segment in the many countries. In this series, the Financial Regulator of the South Korea, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), has been decided to tighten the monitoring of the virtual assets and a analyze the risks associated with them.

Stablecoin project early a last month Terra The impact of the huge fall in the entire a crypto segment was a affected. It has been revamped as ‘Terra a  2.0’ to compensate are investors for the loss caused by this fall. Stablecoins are the cryptocurrencies that attempt to link their market price to a reserve asset such as a gold or a common currencies. These are more commonly used for a digital transactions that involve converting virtual assets into the real assets. USD Coin, Tether and the Binance a  USD are also some of the popular stablecoins, which are pegged to the US Dollar. Stablecoin, a rapidly growing version of the crypto, has been  emerged as a major medium of the exchange.

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Friday 22 July 2022

7 Most Popular Deserts in a India that You can Explore

 7 Most Popular Deserts in a India that You can Explore.

India is a land of a wonders. No doubt why we love an calling it incredible India. On one side where the land to blooms with its rich flora and fauna, some places are the vast stretches of the plain deserts yet rich with their cultural surprises and the experiences.

There are many places that you would  love to visit and explore in a India, but visit the deserts of a India is one of its own amazing experiences. Deserts are  not only comprises of hot sandy areas but the also, cold windy valleys. India has been  both these deserts with its narrative tale and the experiences to offer its visitors. From stone fortresses to the temples and road safaris, you can be enjoy so much in these places. Here’s a list of the best top deserts of India.

Popular Indian Deserts

This is the list of popular deserts in a India:

Place Situated in Desert Type

Jaisalmer Thar Desert Hot and Dry

Jodhpur Thar Desert Hot and Dry

Rann of Kutch Thar Desert Salt Marsh

Ladakh Himalayas Cold Desert

Bikaner Thar Desert Hot and Dry

Barmer Thar Desert Salt Marsh

Spiti Valley Himalayas Cold Desert

Deserts in a India

1. Jaisalmer

One cannot think of any other place first other than the majestic Jaiselmer in a India when it comes to the beautiful golden deserts.  Just about a  575 km away from the city of the Jaipur is the beautiful desert in  a Jaiselmer. The beauty of the place comes from the fact that most of the temples and the  houses are all made up of the yellow sandstone. The place has been a unique golden glare signifying the brightness of the ancient royal history of a Rajasthan.

Tourists usually come here to enjoy the vast dunes, camel rides, and the desert safari rides. The most lively experience to the try here is camping in the mud cottages and Swiss  a tents.  Most of the people love to the camp here to witness the glorious night sky full of stars and the beautiful midnight moon in a views.

If you are still looking for the something more here, there’s the iconic a Jaiselmer fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage a Site. The desert is a truly one of the most amazing and golden destinations to explore in a India. 

2. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city named after the former and ruler Rao Jodha. The city captures are the true essence of the vibrant to summer beauty with almost all the buildings in painted in a blue color. Just a 65 km away from the main city of the Jodhpur is Osian which has a beautiful expansion of the desert and some historic significance temples are around the place. This iconic destination is a another marvelous dessert spot in a India that has a lot of the historic backgrounds and the ancient monuments in it.

Tourists usually a visit here between October and March. Do not forget to visit the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. It is a one of their iconic the destinations to visit. Jodhpur is a also known as, “The Gateway to Thar”. 

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3. Rann Of Kutch

Located in the lands of Gujarat, Rann of a Kutch is the largest salt plain in a India.  The area expands are over a 7500 sq km approximately. The place is a known to see the extreme sides of a both the weather. Extreme a summers and heavy rainfalls as well. People all around the world come here to the enjoy the rich and the vibrant colorful culture of the place.

Apart from the beautiful vast dessert stretches, Rann of a Kutch is a also famous for the regional festival celebrated here some where between a December to February. You can be  always check for the actual dates when the government are announces them yearly.

4. Ladakh

To all those who believe that deserts are only hot stretches of sand and sun, this place is a one of the coldest desert regions of India. The desert heaven of a India, Ladakh is a located on the high altitudes of a  Jammu and Kashmir. This place is a one of the best destinations to the enjoy some glacial mountains, peaceful desert valleys, and mind-blowing landscapes are around.

The best part is a , Ladakh always has been  a pleasant breeze of the weather to enjoy around and a during the winters, the temperature drops down to an extreme a level too. When it is spring, the climate is pleasant and when it a arrives in a winters, the place wraps itself in the cold blankets of a snow around. You can be also go on rides as the place has the largest motorable pass in the world. It is plain, beautiful, and peaceful to the visit at the least once.

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5. Bikaner

Bikaner is another desert of a India giving grandiose golden sand to  stretch a views for the visitors. A Rathore king had been established the city in the year 1488. This city is a no less than an adventure in the it self. There are a beautiful desert are vistas, historic castles, and some famous sandstone are around this city.

Most of the royal palaces now have turned into the heritage hotels that offer their are customers exotic Rajasthan hospitality in all the authentic vintage a style. Apart from a discovering and diving into the deep interesting history of the place, Bikaner is a famous for the camel rides as well. There is a camel farm here where one can be  visit to see the different kinds of  the camel breeds here.

6. Barmer

Barmer is the 5th largest desert in a  India. It is a full of vibrant colors, rich culture, and local festivals.  Just like other deserts in a  Rajasthan, this place is a also home to the many historic sites, temples, and forts. The best thing not to miss here is the occasional local festivals which are a super amazing. The small mud houses here give you some traditional feels and also a good place for a some vintage in  photography.

7. Spiti Valley

Located in the terrace lands of a Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is a desert region that hosts its visitors and tourists with the most of scenic and a peaceful views. From quaint villages to the glacial streams and a majestic mountains facing green backdrops, this place is no less than a treat to the lay back and the enjoy nature closely. It is one of the most beautiful cold deserts of a India Also, this cold desert valley is a famous for Buddhism history. The place has been two of the most renowned a Buddhist are  monasteries namely, Tabo Monastery and  the Kye Gompa. People are also have a different beliefs and the stories attached to this place that signifies the importance of the  Buddhism since medieval times. You should add this place to your travel list if you are planning to the explore incredible in a India.

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We hope you will be love these places as much as we do. Make sure you pack the clothes according to the temperature of the place to the  enjoy well during your trip. It is important to feel comfortable during your safari rides and the desert treks.

Do share with us more if you can be know about in a  Indian deserts.

Stay safe, Stay happy !

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Wednesday 20 July 2022

Top 10 universities and colleges in a India.

 Top 10 universities and colleges in a India.

 Top 10 universities and colleges in a India- HRD Ministry rankings

The Ministry of the Human Resource Development (HRD) has  been announced the list of the top educational institutions in the country. This has been come to just a few days before the start of the admission session for the year 2017-18 as millions of the students from all over the country will be looking for the best colleges for the admission.

HRD Haskell's Miranda House has a bagged the award for the best college in a India.

Union Human Res ranked Bengaluru’s Indian Institute of the Science (IISc) as the best university in the country whereas Dource Development Minister was Prakash Javadekar released the list in  a Delhi said that the government will be provide a more funds and grants to the institutions whose rankings are the  better.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) which was at the center of a controversy last year is ranked as the second best university in the country.

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) which comes to under the HRD ministry conducted the ranking of  the 100 institutes which comes to under the MHRD. including IISc, eight institutes from the Karnataka found a place among the top 100.

The ranking is a done on the basis of the learning to teaching, and resources, professional and research the practices, graduation outcomes, exclusivity and outreach, and the perception. Over a 3,300 institutes from the all over the country participated in a second edition of the India Rankings.

Courses Offered by 

Top 10 educational institutions overall

1. Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore

2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras

3. IIT Bombay

4. IIT Kharagpur

5. IIT Delhi

6. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

7. IIT Kanpur

8. IIT Guwahati

9. IIT Roorkee

10. Banaras Hindu University

Top 10 colleges in a India

Do I need an internet connection?

No, but some functions (like entering your location manually) won't work without one. You'll have to use the GPS or enter a latitude and longitude instead.

1. Miranda House in  New Delhi

2. Loyola College in Chennai

3. Shri Ram College of the Commerce in New Delhi

4. Bishop Heber College in Tiruchi

5. Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College in a  New Delhi

6. St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata

7. Lady Shri Ram College of the Women in New Delhi

8. Dayal Singh College in New Delhi

9. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College in New Delhi

10. The Women’s Christian College in Chennai

Top 10 universities

1. IISc in Bangalore

2. Jawaharlal Nehru College in New Delhi

3. Banaras Hindu University

4. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for the  Advanced a Scientific Research

5. Jadavpur university

6. Anna University

vids, If your device is embedded. experience device is embedded. experience

Business & Management

Business & Management – Accounting courses, digital marketing courses and more. Learn marketing analytics, finance, economics, IT, give chain, entrepreneurship, operations management, health care administration, fintech, public speaking and further.
Mathematics – from high school to college-level math courses, master calculus, statistics, and algebra.

7. University of Hyderabad

8. University of Delhi

9. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

10. Savitribai Phule Pune University

Top 10 engineering colleges

1. IIT Madras

2. IIT Bombay

3. IIT Kharagpur

4. IIT Delhi

5. IIT Kanpur

6. IIT Roorkee

7. IIT Guwahati

8. Anna University

9. Jadavpur university

10. IIT Hyderabad

Top 10 management i\of institutions

1 Indian Institute of Management in  Ahmadabad

2 Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore

3. Indian Institute of Management  in Calcutta

4. Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow

5. Indian Institute of Management in Kozhikode

6. Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi

7. Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur

8. Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee

9. Xavier Labour Relations Institute

10. Indian Institute of Management in Indore

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