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Wednesday 3 August 2022

Can Vitamin D supplements are reduce the risk of the bone are fractures? Here's the truth

Can Vitamin D supplements are reduce the risk of  the bone  are fractures? Here's the truth

Taking are  the supplements of  the Vitamin D, popularly known as the sunshine a vitamin, may not  to be reduce a  risk of  the fractures are  in a adults, claims a study.

Although Vitamin D supplements are the widely prescribed and used to the benefit bone to the health, definitive data on the whether these supplements are the reduce a  fractures in the general population have been a inconsistent. The demand for the Vitamin D supplements are also the increased the particularly during the pandemic, with the many studies are the claiming them to the play a definitive role in a COVID severity.

The new study, published in the New England Journal of the  Medicine, advances are a scientific understanding on this a subject. Its showed that a compared to the placebo, supplemental vitamin a  D 3 (2000 IU/day) did not a reduce a total, non-vertebral, or the hip are the  fractures.

The analyses are also showed that there were no effects of the supplemental Vitamin D 3 on the  major osteoporotic are fractures, wrist fractures, or a  pelvic are fractures.

"Overall, in  the results are this large clinical trial do not a support to the use of the vitamin D supplements are  the reduce to  a fractures in the  generally healthy US men and the women," said to the lead a author Meryl Le Boff, Chief of the Calcium and the Bone Section in the Endocrine Division at the Brigham and in the Women's  are Hospital in the US.

However, "these findings are  a  do not a apply to the adults with the vitamin D deficiency or a low bone mass or the osteoporosis", Le Boff said.

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