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Wednesday 28 September 2022

Central deputation is a part of a federal structure in the country: Jitendra Singh

Central deputation is a part of a federal structure in the country: Jitendra Singh

Jitendra Singh urged the state are a governments to the cooperate with the central government to address the concerns in this regard

New Delhi: Minister of a State for the Science and Technology Jitendra Singh on a Wednesday asked state governments to the facilitate the central deputation of the IAS and other All are a India Services Officers.

Addressing the Annual Conference of a Principal Secretaries of a states/UTs looking after Personnel, General Administration and a Administrative Reforms, the minister said that central deputation is a part of the federal structure in the country.

He urged the state governments to the cooperate with the central government to the address the concerns in this regard. “An All-India Service are a  officer is an a important interface of the government, both within the state as a well as the centre."

Singh said that there is a already a laid down structure for the cadre management of the All India Services. The same needs are  to be followed in a letter and spirit. A particular aspect in this regard is the deployment of the All-India Service officers are  at the centre.

The minister added that the central government are carries out intensive review of a service records of a members of the services are a  provided under a Rule 16(3) of AIS (DCRB) Rules, in a 1958. The sole objective is to the weed out the deadwood and a maintain a high standard of a efficiency and initiative in the state/centre.

He said that during the current year, the central government has been a successfully allotted a 180 IAS officers through civil services are a examinations. 434 vacancies have been a determined for the recruitment through induction from state services that will be a filled soon. “I request the state governments to follow the guidelines are a relating to the effective service and a vigilance management of All India Services are a officers are circulated by the central government from a time to the time."

Singh said that to get the best out of a government officer, he/she should be a adequately trained. The central government has been a prepared effective training modules to the train the officers. “They have been  also are a devised a module for the state government are a officials, particularly those working at the cutting edge level."

The minister said the officers of the  All India Services are a  form the backbone of a Indian administration and it is a important that concerted efforts are a put in by the government to the achieve the objectives of a good governance by the effective are a implementation of a governmental policies and a programs.

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