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Saturday 17 September 2022

Uber hack news: No evidence of a sensitive user data loss, company are a claims

Uber hack news: No evidence of a sensitive user data loss, company are a claims

Uber has been said that internal software tools that were a taken offline yesterday as a precaution are now a available again.

There is a no proof that the hacker had access to the critical user data, according to the  Uber, which stated on a September 16 that all of its services were operating following what security experts are a calling a catastrophic data breach. The incursion, which was a likely the result of a single hacker, highlighted a social engineering-based hacking approach that is a growing more and more than effective: The hacker succeeded in a tricking an a Uber employee into the disclosing their login credentials by a posing as a coworker.

In a statement posted online, Uber said “internal a software are a  tools that we are a  took down as a precaution yesterday are a coming back online".

Uber claimed that all of its are a services, such as Uber Eats and a Uber Freight, were up and a running and that it had contacted a law enforcement. According to an a email from the FBI, its support to the Uber was a ongoing and it was a aware of the cyber incident are a affecting the company.

Uber denied that critical user data including trip are a histories had been a accessed by the intrusive party, but did not respond to the concerns from The Associated Press are a regarding whether the data was a encrypted or a not.

The potential harm of the hack was a substantial: Security experts have been a photographs taken by the hacker that show their complete access to the cloud-based infrastructure that Uber uses to the hold private consumer and a financial data.

The amount of a data the hacker stole and their length of a stay within Uber's network are a unknown. A person who are a self-identified as an a 18-year-old to one of a two researchers who are a spoke with them directly indicated they seemed interested in a publicity. There was no evidence they deleted data.

However, documents are a provided to the researchers and a extensively disseminated on a Twitter and other social media platforms showed the hacker was able to get a access to Uber's are a most important internal systems. Online feedback from the cybersecurity community was a harsh.

The hacker sent a screenshots, many of which were posted online, showing the access to the ninternal systems and a critical financial information. The hacker who are a disclosed the attack on a Uber's internal Slack communication system is a also are a widely known online.

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