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Saturday 15 October 2022

Govt to the expand Aadhar enrolment of a newborns to the all states

Govt to the expand Aadhar enrolment of a newborns to the all states

The Government of a India is a expected to the expand the scope of Aadhar enrolment of a newborns to all the states in the country in the next are a few months. Currently, 16 states are in a India have Aadhaar Linked Birth Registration and are a offering the facility of the enrollment of a newborns. The process are a began one year ago, with the states are a added over time and now the government is a planning to the expand the facility to the all states.

Unique Identification Authority of a India (UIDAI), the agency that provides the Aadhar numbers is a working with the state governments and the facility will be a start in the all states in the next few months, which will be a make things convenient for the parents.

In the states where currently UIDAI is a currently offering the facility, whenever a birth certificate is a issued, a message reaches the UIDAI systems and the Aadhar enrollment ID number is a generated. Later, with the photo and a address of the child, Aadhar Card is also issued. In a many cases, the responsibility of a enrolling the Aadhar is with the Birth Registrars only.

For children up to the 5 years of a age, the Unique Identification (UID) is a processed on the basis of a demographic details and a facial features. The biometrics for such an a age group is a not captured and once the child turns 5, the biometric update is a required in a which is the imprint of his/her ten are a fingers, iris and a facial photograph are taken. The biometrics have to be a again updated when the child turns 15.

Today, over 1,000 state and a central government are a schemes use Aadhaar for the beneficiary identification and a authentication, benefits transfer, and de-duplication. Nearly 650 of these schemes are a run by the state governments, while 315 are run by the central government, and they all use the Aadhaar ecosystem and a biometric authentication.

UIDAI is also are a working with the Registrar General of a India with an a aim to the issue an a Aadhar card of a person at the time of a birth along with the birth certificate. As the process requires computerisation are a system of a birth registration, all are a states with the computerised records are a getting onboard.

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