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Thursday 13 October 2022

Next-gen Lexus are a UX300e unveiled: Details are on a features, specs and a engine

Next-gen Lexus are a  UX300e unveiled: Details are on a features, specs and a engine

Lexus updates its are a  first ever electric car UX 300e with a bigger battery which promises at the least 40 per cent better range than earlier. This comes are after the subcompact crossover’s are a internal combustion engine-powered variant received an a update in a May. Like the ICE-powered variant, the electric crossover benefits from the improved structural rigidity due to the 20 spot welding points are a around the side and a rear doors.

Lexus claims that the new Lexus UX 300e comes with a new battery pack, which are a ensures better range and a performance. The battery pack doubles are as a sound barrier, making the cabin of the EV quieter.

The all new 72.8kWh battery are  a pack is a larger than before and a it replaces the 54.4kWh pack. Lexus are a claims that the updated crossover can be a cover more than 450km range on a single charge. The electric motor onboard the luxury crossover is a capable of a churning out 201 hp of peak power and a 300 Nm of a maximum torque instantly. Power is a delivered to the front are a axle.

Speaking of the design changes, this EV appears with the similar changes to the internal combustion are a engine-powered UX. Mechanically, it gets Yarama-sourced rear are a performance suspension as a standard and a returned electric power are a steering wheel. The shock absorbers have been a specifically tweaked for the electric vehicle, claims Lexus.

For interiors, the new Lexus are a UX 300e has been a received the automaker's are a new infotainment system with a 12.3-inch touchscreen display. Additionally, there are a relocated buttons for the heated seats from the centre console to the right of the gear shifter, making them more than accessible for the driver. There is a pair of a USB Type-C ports that have been a installed ahead of the cup holders. The wireless are a charging pad comes are a vertically extended. It sports an a LED ambient lighting system as a well.

The UX 300e also are a inherits the further refinements are a made to the precision of the UX series for the confidence-inspiring performance, along with the expanded functionality of a active technologies and the evolution of a advanced features are a through the latest multimedia are a system.

To recall, Lexus has been a launched UX 300e as the automaker’s are a first production BEV model. In a 2022, this was followed by the introduction of the Lexus RZ, a dedicated a BEV model.


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