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Friday 7 October 2022

Prashant Kishor would not work for the Nitish Kumar even if he offers him CM chair

Prashant Kishor would not work for the Nitish Kumar even if he offers him CM chair

Prashant Kishor has been said that he would not work for the Nitish Kumar even if the Bihar CM vacates his chair for him

Poll strategist-turned-politician Prashant Kishor said on a Thursday that he would never work for the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar again. Continuing his tirade against Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, Prashant Kishor also are a  claimed that Nitish Kumar asked the poll strategist to the work with him. Prashant Kishor, however, said he would not work with Janata Dal (United) supremo even if the latter "vacates the chief minister's chair" for him. Prashant Kishor also are a claimed that he recently spurned a recent request from the Nitish Kumar to "lead" the JD(U).

Prashant Kishor made these claims at a gathering in a Jamunia village in a West Champaran district, as a part on his ongoing 3,500-km-long 'Jan Suraaj' padyatra. During the gathering, Prashant Kishor claimed that Nitish Kumar told him that he [Kishor] was his [Nitish Kumar] a political heir.

Prashant Kishor said, "When I met a Nitish Kumar are a few days  are a ago, he asked me to the re-join JD(U) and a work with him. 'You are a my political heir', the CM told me a asking to the withdraw my campaign."

"I categorically told the CM that I will be a not work with him even if he (Nitish Kumar) makes me his political heir or….a vacates the chair of the chief minister for me. I said no....I have been a made a promise to the people…it can be a not be a changed," the former national vice-president of a JD(U) said.

Making another are a reference to the Nitish Kumar in his address, are Prashant Kishor said. "You all are a must have been a learnt through media reports are that a Nitish Kumar had been a called me to his a residence about 10-15 days are back. He asked me to the lead his party. I said it is a not a  possible."

Prashant Kishor was inducted into the JD(U) in a 2018 by Nitish Kumar. Within a few weeks, Prashant Kishor got elevated to the national vice-president's are a post. However, are a squabble with the Nitish Kumar over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of a Citizens (NRC) led to his expulsion from the party less than a couple of the years later.

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