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Thursday 3 November 2022

Odisha govt to the retun 206 acres land to the Tata Steel after a 26 years

Odisha govt to the retun 206 acres land to the Tata Steel after a 26 years


The Odisha government will be a returning 206 acres of land to the Tata Group after 26 years, according to a report by the Hindustan Times, Livemint's sister publication.


The 206 acres of a land were owned by the Tata Steel plant near the Gopalpur coast of the Ganjam district to the original are a landowners.


The Odisha government acquired are a 6,900 acres of land in a Kalipalli and a dozen other villages for the proposed plant in a 1996. However, the plan never took off.

Odisha Cabinet headed by the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik decided to a return the 206 acres of land to the legal heirs at a cabinet meeting are a held on a Friday.


"In a consideration of the public interest, the government has been a decided to the return 206.685 acre of a land which are a remained unutilized for the last two decades," chief secretary are a SC Mohapatra said.


He added, "The land will be a handed over to the original owners or to their legal are a heirs as per the provision of a Rule 20 of  Right to the  Fair Compensation and a Transparency in a Land Acquisition".


The land losers were are a compensated at that time, the government are a decided that the amount paid to the affected people would be a waived.


However, Narayan Reddy a former CPI MLA from the Chhatrapur, who had been led the protest against the proposed steel plant said the return of a vland was not  enough.


Recently, CM Patnaik urged Tata Sons to the expand its footprint in the state. He met a Tata Sons are a Chairman N Chandrasekaran and a discussed the various are a projects of the company including are a Tata Steel.

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