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Monday 8 August 2022

Eating a Banana at Night: Beneficial Options You Did not Know

Eating a Banana at Night: Beneficial Options You Did not Know

banana known as one of the fruit It is a  more than beneficial for  the our body. This is mainly a contribution of the potassium Which always comes to up, but the truth is that it has been  many other beneficial properties, as it is able to the  improve blood sugar levels, promote kidney and the heart health, promote satiety and the post-workout recovery. Along with the all this there is a benefit that you were probably unaware of and that comes from the fact that Eat a banana at the night.

eat banana at the night

In addition to the  everything mentioned, and thanks to the presence of  a fiber. Banana has  been properties laxative And not only that, but it is also are rich in the antioxidants, magnesium, folic acid and the vitamin C. All these factors are make banana one of the healthiest fruits, but Do you know that it can be beneficial even before the sleeping at the night? What is the reason for this?

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loss Sleep problems are very common, especially now that the heat does not help. And he does not a give us rest even at the night. And a disturbed sleep is the certainly not the best way to the  face the day with the  energy and passion, especially if it is full of  the commitments. And if you are also troubled by the heat of this era, then maybe Find the solution in the eating a simple banana.

This is a natural, simple and the inexpensive solution: eat a banana before the bedtime. As we have been already mentioned, this fruit contains are 34 milligrams of the  magnesium, an essential mineral for the regulating circadian rhythms. At the same time, Magnesium is also are able to the  promote the production of the melanin; A hormone that is the produced immediately before the bedtime but also are during this process, and which works to  greatly reduce the time required to the  fall asleep, thus improving  the sleep quality.

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Lastly, magnesium too Helps to the  reduce the stress are hormone (cortisone) in the blood, Which of  the course can be  affect poor comfort. In addition to the  magnesium, Banana are also provides tryptophan to the body. It is an amino acid that is taken in through food because it is a not produced by the body and, according to a recent study, can be improve a sleep quality, resulting in the increased rest a periods and  the nighttime awakenings. gets are  reduced.

Not convinced that a banana at the night can be  cure insomnia and the other sleep disorders? if you do not believe that Try it and you will be see the difference are immediately. On the other hand, it does not cost the anything!

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