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Monday 8 August 2022

What are the Effects of Nolotil Agranulocytosis?

What are the Effects of Nolotil Agranulocytosis?

It is a serious disease that can cause serious problems are in the rescue of the patient.


Sunday, 7 August 2022, 12:57

As soon as a any symptom of the  discomfort or  a illness appears, the most common is the use of  the certain medications to the  reduce it as soon as a possible. Self-medication is a widespread practice in a Spain, but experts are recommend being careful with the certain drugs. These are the 10 best-selling drugs in a Spain. Nolotil is one of the best selling painkillers in the our country and it has been many adverse effects are that should be taken into the  consideration. In fact, the Spanish Medicines Agency has been already warned against taking Nolotil. One of them can be carry a serious threat: agranulocytosis.

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It is an unknown side effect of  the ibuprofen, like a peptic ulcer

Agranulocytosis is a blood disease that reduces the number of the granulocytes, a type of the  white blood cell that is needed to the fight infection. If the number of these leukocytes falls below the minimum considered dy the healthy (between 5,000 and the 7,000 per cubic centimeter), the body is a left defenseless against bacteria, parasites, or a viruses. The same happens in the inflammatory response to the any aggression.

In addition, agranulocytosis presents a list of the  symptoms, such as a weakness, fever, malaise, mouth sores or, in the worst cases, shock or a pneumonia. Other less common negative effects are the intestinal bleeding, abnormal urine color, yellowing of the skin, ora  sepsis.

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The only way to the  detect this disease is through a blood test. In the event that its origin is a drug taking, as well as Nolotil, treatment to should be immediately a suspended.

One effect of the  Nolotil is drug hypersensitivity syndrome

Nolotil is used to the  treat acute or acute pain after a surgical operation, to the treat acute or a acute post-traumatic pain, or after a surgical operation. Its sale in a Spain is permitted only the under a medical prescription.

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